“We went to the New York World’s Fair, saw what the past had been like, according to the Ford Motor Car Company and Walt Disney, saw 
what the future would be like, according to General Motors. And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, 
how much was mine to keep.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five

a steve rogers fst

sea ghost the unicorns // endlessly, she said afi // iron woodkid // modern man the arcade fire // buildings regina spektor // on forgetting jeff pianki // ghosts laura marling // what is it now? badly drawn boy // places you have come to fear the most dashboard confessional // cleanse song bright eyes // 1904 benjamin francis leftwich // geysir nationale gregory and the hawk // bixby canyon bridge death cab for cutie // adventures in solitude the new pornographers // love vigilantes (cover) iron and wine

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this just in: i have a cap problem

Questionalso also: vriska 44, terezi 58 :3c (i have too many characters i want you to draw but can only think of homesteaks im sorry) Answer

just what we need here on moonstruckneophyte dot tumblr dot com, ANOTHER sadstuck scourge drawing

ahhhh that’s better. seriously though look at what a couple of adjustment layers can do.

Question80 scott mccall Answer

"ok micky you can do this. just don’t go overboa-"

Questionhow about Winry, #14? Answer

ok i give up. let’s forget this ever happened

QuestionSollux in 57? Answer

holy high key, batman

HSWC Br1 fill!


Remember when indigoblood Rose finally figured out how to utilize her chucklevoodoos and almost did an acrobatic pirouette off the fucking deep end?

he’s shooshrapping hhahaha ha ha

birthday_gays.png for beroberos, enjoy the last of your teens nerd

ah what the heck i’ll post my adolescent howlbeasts doodle

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kanaya Maryam & Dave Strider
Characters: Dave Strider, Kanaya Maryam, Karkat Vantas, Rose Lalonde
Additional Tags: Homestuck Shipping World Cup

Dave and Kanaya attempt to entertain themselves on the meteor. Contains cross-cultural poker disagreements, Dave Strider’s opinions of charades, and at least one chess-related injury.

sadly that other valentine submission wasn’t me


I don’t have a lot to say about this other than that this whole situation is very distressing and terezi better end up alive and happy or, or;

DIRTY LOVE (ft. IGGY POP) by KE$HA - all i need is to get in between your sheets / i just want your dirty love
WET BLANKET by METRIC - falling for the creep, the body leech, here he comes / vicious hypnosis, clenched fist, saying it’s wrong to want more than a folk song
CONCRETE WALLS by FEVER RAY - i live between concrete walls / when i took her up she was so warm
BAD HABIT by GREGORY AND THE HAWK - love once got me in the gut / there was no real fight, it tore me up
TUFF GHOST by THE UNICORNS - the tuff ghost disappears for 3 days / the tuff ghost is set in his ways / i don’t want to hurt you [well you can’t cause i’m already dead] / the tuff ghost is invincible, no guts came out when he bled
I DON’T WANT LOVE by THE ANTLERS - you wanna climb up the stairs / i wanna push you back down / but i let you inside / so you can push me around
ME, I’M NOT by NINE INCH NAILS - you’ve got something i need, kinda dangerous / and i’m losing control, i’m not used to this
BLINDNESS by METRIC - send us a blindfold, send us a blade / tell the survivors “help is on the way”

[cover art by me]

a scourge sisters mix, aka ‘what micky listened to while she drew her ladytstuck fill’


THE CARPAL TUNNEL OF LOVE by FALL OUT BOY - stomp out this disaster town, you’ll put your eyes to the sun and say ‘i know you’re only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding.’ and we might have started singing just a little soon, we’re throwing stones in a glass room. we’re so miserable and stunning. love songs for the genuinely cunning.
THE YEAH YEAH YEAH SONG by THE FLAMING LIPS - because you cannot know yourself or what you’d really do with all your power, what would you do?
DANGEROUS AND SWEET by LENKA - it’s difficult to see from the surface. but everything goes in and it stings, like a spider, hits you deep inside and i know you are just like me.
GHOST OF A GOOD THING by DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL - i guess it’s luck, but it’s the same hard luck you’ve been trying to tame.
ON OR NO by SAINTSENECA - i saw the light and it burned my eyes out, nothing is wrong until you find yourself out.
NEW RESOLUTION by AZURE RAY - follow blind heavy eyes, hold position - right on time, it was a lucky prediction.
COMBAT BABY by METRIC - come back baby, fight off the lethargy, don’t go quietly, combat baby, said you would never give up easy
WONDERLUST by SAINTSENECA - i could never look you in the eyes again. all these things would then begin to rise again.
SURROUNDED (OR SPIRALING) by SILVERSUN PICKUPS - remember when i played assassin? remember when my joking turned grim? remember how we thought if we followed the dots it would stop all the accidents?
A COMING AGE by THE 1900S - all my fears beware of the coming age that i’ve been waiting for with no delay, but i feel so tired, the violence of light has just burned out my eyes.